Using over 19 years of practice, and 1300 + hours of training, Tensegrity Massage helps clients recover and prevent injuries, address postural distortions, and easing chronic pain.

By blending different techniques into a seamless treatment we can work through physical issues from both global and site specific points of view.

Techniques practiced

Tensegrity massage combines the following techniques into a seamless session.

  1. Structural Integration addresses postural related pain and movement issues.  By working with shortened and tight connective tissue it can help relive daily aches and pains while increasing Range of motion.
  2. Deep Tissue unlocks spasmed and tight muscle tissue bringing reduced pain and soreness increasing ease of motion.
  3. Injury Treatment encourages healing in soft tissue injuries (strains, sprains, and muscle tears) through site specific application. It shortens healing time and reduces chances of re-injure.
  4. Medical Massage is understanding how the different body work techniques effect different systems in the body (circulatory, nervous, digestive, etc.) and different conditions ( MS, Fibromyalgia,). Then using that knowledge to use the proper technique for different medical conditions, syndromes and as an adjunct treatment to other medical treatments.
  5. Intraoral Release works muscles inside the mouth to treat TMJ, whiplash, migraines, and other head/neck issues.
  6. Pediatric Manual Therapy assesses and treats developmental and trauma related issues in infants and children.  It corrects issues ranging from colic and latch difficulties to sport injuries.

 Who am I

  • Sean P. Clark is originally from New Jersey.
  • He move to Fort Collins at the age of eleven and lived here until the end of sophomore year at Rocky Mountain High School
  • Graduating from Arvada West High School he then went into the culinary field. Thirteen years, and four states, in that business he switched careers.
  • A graduate of Brian Utting School of Massage (2003) in Seattle, WA Sean has continued to learn varied techniques in the body work field.
  • While in Seattle, Sean worked near the University of Washington and was able to work with clients with many different conditions ranging from car accident victims to stroke suffers, College sport injuries to chronic.
  • Sean has been practicing in Fort Collins since the fall of 2014.

Tensegrity Massage »

Tensegrity Massage addresses aches and pains, injuries, and postural distortions through a macro and a micro view of the body. Treating your site specific injuries (micro) all the way to postural distortions (macro) to ease pain, increase range of motion, and ease of motion.

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Pediatric Manual Therapy »

Pediatric Manual Therapy helps children of all ages. It can treat colic, difficult birth issues, sport injuries, and ease growing pains. Starting children early in body work allows them to learn how to avoid many of the postural issues we adults face every day, saving them pain down the road.

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Located between Elite E sports and Bloom at 155 N. College Ave, Suite 116