Mobility: Use it or lose it?

Posted Apr 20, 2015

There are certain things we did daily as a kid that sometimes we stop for no apparent reasons.  Getting down on the floor and then getting back up, standing on one leg, or doing a somersault.  I have noticed as we age (grow up) we tend to think of things like that as childish.  When in fact a lot of that is actually good for us.

We have seen the ad that says “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”  and most of us think that isn’t me.  Have you gotten down on the floor lately?  Have you tried to get up?  What about just rolling over on the floor?

Our sense of balance is just like a muscle in that if we don’t exercise it we start to get rusty.  Balance is  important for our ability to walk, sit , and stand yet we tend to forget that.  Have you tried to walk along a curb lately? How about just walking along a painted line in a parking lot?

Coordination is another thing we tend to neglect as time goes by.  Unless you are in a very physical job or sport usually we don’t need to keep up the level of coordination that children do.  All the jumping and running and climbing they do keeps them in practice.  There are many ways to help bring that back to an adult.  Juggling is a great way to improve your coordination.

I like to try to put  my socks on while standing up.  It challenges my balance and coordination.  Try it leaning against a wall to start.

Keeping our sense of balance and our mobility contributes to a healthy life.  It is also something that should not be taken for granted.    So go roll on the floor with the dog, curl up with the cat on a mat and tumble with the kids ( or grand kids).