Beyond Relaxation

Posted Mar 16, 2015

What can Tensegrity Massage help with?

There are many activities and aspects of life that Tensegrity Massage can help with.

Whether working with old or new injuries, postural aches and pains or just wanting to improve athletic abiltiy,  together we can unravel the root causes to your issues

Tensegrity is a state where a structure, your body, is held in place or in movement by elastic pieces (muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia) working against static pieces (bones).  The elastic pieces hold our body up through conflicting tension on opposing sides of the joint or body.   By altering the tension in the opposing muscles, one tightening as the other loosens, we create movement of the body.

When one side does not release its tension fully it creates an imbalance that travels through the whole body.  This imbalance will lead to pain.

Tensegrity Massage looks to balance the bodies soft tissue system there by decreasing pain.

The session is done with the client fully clothed in comfortable loose clothing.  The client’s movement increases the effectiveness of the treatment.