Pediatric Manual Therapy

Pediatric Manual Therapy assesses and treats developmental and trauma related issues in infants and children. It corrects issues ranging from colic and latch difficulties to sport injuries.

How does it work?

Pediatric sessions are shorter due to children’s shorter attention span and tolerance for adult meddling.  We try to work with the child’s system not force them until they push back and resist.

Most of the time this is done by sitting on the floor with the parent and child. Then the treatment is done in small amounts while they are playing and interacting with their parent.

The first session will include an in depth intake about the child’s issues, and an assessment with treatment.  First sessions average 45 minutes.

Treatments following that will be shorter due to less intake needed.  Averaging 30 minutes.

Both children and adults will be clothed during the treatments.

Pediatric Manual Therapy rates are $55 per session.

Some treatable conditions

  • Difficult birth trauma
  • Colic
  • Difficulty with suckling
  • Slow or delayed postural development
  • Sport injuries
  • Growing pains
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