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Tensegrity massage provides lasting unwinding of injured and tense structures in the body.

The one hour session will help uncover and correct postural distortions and remove restrictions  that contribute to injuries past and present.

Pediatric Manual therapy address issues in children resulting from difficulties during the birth process, delayed postural development, to sport injuries.

Tensegrity Massage »

Tensegrity Massage addresses aches and pains, injuries, and postural distortions through a macro and a micro view of the body. Treating your site specific injuries (micro) all the way to postural distortions (macro) to ease pain, increase range of motion, and ease of motion. Read More »

Pediatric Manual Therapy »

Pediatric Manual Therapy helps children of all ages. It can treat colic, difficult birth issues, sport injuries, and ease growing pains. Starting children early in body work allows them to learn how to avoid many of the postural issues we adults face every day, saving them pain down the road. Read More »

Maintenance Program »

We spend more time and money maintaining our car than our bodies. Think of how much better you would feel with a once a month commitment to yourself. We can always find a new car even if it’s used; we only have the one body. Read More »

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